Anthony Wheeler

Humble Executive.  Literary Artist.  Altruistic Libertarian.

Seventeen years later, Shannon publishes her first novel.

Anthony working on first novel, while Shannon looks on 

We posses Art, less we perish of the truth.


Bio for Anthony Wheeler

Anthony Wheeler was born in Hawaii in 1958, where he lived for five years, the son of a career naval officer.  He grew up with his family and two younger brothers in Southern California, North Africa and the Pacific Northwest. 

Anthony began working at fifteen in a convalescent home making $1.70 an hour.  After that he held numerous jobs, including packing salmon for the Japanese in Alaska; building custom office furniture on Bainbridge Island; cutting cedar shakes on the Olympic peninsula; manufacturing home entertainment cabinets in California; and working as a machinist apprentice and later operations manager for a small machine shop.

After graduating from High School near Seattle, he attended the University of Washington for three years before dropping out and joining the Air Force.  During his four year enlistment as a Nuclear Weapons Specialist, he did time at Fairchild AFB in Spokane, Kunsan AB in Korea and Mather AFB in Sacramento.

Anthony moved to San Diego after leaving the Air Force, where he spent the next three years at San Diego State University earning a BA in Asian Studies.  During this time he met Alexandra in a martial arts club, and married her in 1986.  Their first daughter, Alexis Ann, was born in 1988, followed by Shannon Marie in 1992. 

After graduating from SDSU in 1987, Anthony worked full time while attending National University, where he graduated in 1990 with an MBA in International Business.  Soon after, he went to work for AT&T in Denver, transferring to New Jersey in 1993, and then back to Denver in 1995.  He left AT&T in 1997 to play in the great telecom bubble/burst, including stops in Tampa, Jamaica, Seattle, Denver, and Dallas. 

As an informal student of intellectual history, Anthony enjoys reading literary criticism and philosophy, especially those authors who straddle the border between the two, including George Steiner, Walter Benjamin and Nietzsche.  Favorite literary artists include Dostoevsky, Proust, Powys, Musil and Rand.  Anthony considers Joyce overrated and doesn’t understand Heidegger or Derrida. 

For physical health Anthony lifts weights and practices the martial arts.  He has studied for over twenty years—one of them in Korea—and has trained in a total of seven systems, achieving significant rank in two.

So far Anthony has completed five major novels, seven full length screenplays, dozens of short stories, and two poems.  He has also written three works of non-fiction: The Literary Novel: Why (and How) You Should Write One, a book on executive management titled The Humble Executive, and one on political philosophy called The Altruistic Libertarian: Advocate for a Genuinely Free Society.

Anthony owns The Inn in Westport, an Adirondack Inn overlooking Lake Champlain in Westport, New York, an Inn that includes a used book store.