Anthony Wheeler

Humble Executive.  Literary Artist.  Altruistic Libertarian.

...we businessmen don’t really operate by calculation—not the leading men, that is.  The little fellows may have to count their pennies; we learn to regard our really successful moves as a mystery that defies analysis.  A man who doesn’t care deeply about feeling, morality, religion, music, poetry, form, discipline, chivalry, generosity, candor, tolerance—believe me, such a man will never make a businessman of real stature.

                         Robert Musil

Summary Strengths

  • Executive Leadership, primarily in telecom/IT operations and engineering

  • Program and Process Management Expertise

  • Expert in organizational effectiveness and organizational transformation

  • Change agent

Key Talents

  • developing metrics to measure progress/trends/success

  • software development.  Created the 'Integrated Solutions' approach, better known today as 'Agile'

  • process management, and the approach required to change/improve process performance

More specifically

  • Extensive experience and success as a telecom/IT engineering/operations executive

  • Recent success leading the PMO driving major IT infrastructure programs for the State of Texas, including Cloud initiatives

  • More than 20 years incorporating effective telecom/IT engineering/operations leadership in national and international environments, including legacy voice networks and IT datacenter operations

  • As an expert in organizational effectiveness, demonstrated success in three major cross-functional disciplines: operational support system design and implementation, product development, and service delivery

  • Enjoyed success leading several complex software implementations utilizing the 'Integrated Solutions Approach', an approach that was developed by myself (better known today as ‘Agile’).  This entailed two sophisticated work-flow implementations for voice and data services that required the development of user interfaces (for ten separate roles), work-flow algorithms, and integration with several application and databases

  • As a process professional (trained by AT&T) developed specific expertise in visualizing, planning and leading process and system changes that deliver optimized operational performance

  • Expert team leader building powerfully effective and collaborative organizations

  • As the VP of Engineering and Operations for a Texas phone company, improved service quality by 42%, and resolved several high-profile customer issues.

  • On several occasions (Jerames, C&W Jamaica, Intermedia and TXU Communications), developed and implemented specific strategies for significantly improving operations performance, with measurable results (process, quality, financial)

  • principle-based executive leadership and author of the (unpublished) book 'The Humble Executive'

Professional Summary