Anthony Wheeler

Humble Executive.  Literary Artist.  Altruistic Libertarian.


Celerrial orbs turn ceaselessly droll
Whirlingly still, hopeless, un-tolled.
Overhead projection messes all minds.
Eyes open inward still touching the signs.

Flaming scimitars silence charade
Like stillness, reigns and thunder lulls.
Senses gulf sad Empyrea
Downing mindless forming toads.

Falling fall leaves seemingly beckon
As riparian whitely egret calls.
Flashing fluorescent stills and deadens
The weak-ended will-ness to shed shelling walls.

Core willow rots, trunk on limbs
While motion high triumphant calls.
Roots halt fastly, desperate, sighs
Softness fades as treeness dies.

Passion lost now dispersed in haze
Purpose shifts, who cares? —away.
Seeping, timeless, forever days
All wealthless fugue, sententious rage.

Overman sailing over the bay
Lay the way low and sashay away.
Longing eyelines lowing delight
Honey-less souls glowing with spite.

Taken as Neptune, Prince of the Tides
Motion with waves and currents reside.
Languid limbs draping o’er the bow
Baring to Sol still silently howl’d.

Sending higher soar topless hill
As Helen breathes salacious at will.
Love-rest passion forlorn—denied!
In cellular noise all humans reside.

Sentient wind flows holy unbound,
Casting folks sober islands around.
Mountains which pass loathsome alone
Slaying them souls Eolian blown.

Soaring passed heights fallen below
Casting restraints up sailing alone.
Rocking menage, knowing the light,
Wandering, seeking Kervorkian Knights.

Gomorrah asked Sodom
Cities sitting on the plain;
‘Can we survive, remain alive
Avoid the sun’s Black Rain?’

Centers of stars feel all but the same
Crushingly deep in Mariannas—pain.
Once as a youth seeking life reified
Embracing now only numb suicide.

Salinity scorching sands relay
Sun-lit swirling cyclones say
Serenity softly flows this way
Messages born our souls this day.

Sincerely care is never there
While all in love despair
That hope lives never in a river
That runs beneath nowhere.

Sentence passing along far time
Descending promises seemingly fine.
Glowing exalted handsomely free,
Scaling the heights indefinitely?

Sirens of sounding echelon high
Draining anemic diuretic eyes.
Ring in tones long Jamaican sees
Of color and spirit and moral disease.

Lately astonishes resounding aspires
Notions of scaling prevailing conspires.
Selecting electing approaches to be
Finances sounding aloud sensibly.

Aesthetic form resides nowhere.
Creation sends over all’s energy.
Trivia drains and bores routine;
Nothing good that bears, Germane.